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Love and friendship


My little pony art
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Pony art
This is a large genre. Art is almost anything as long as it is not calculated. Otherwise it is a presentation of an idea.

Art can be drawing painting and anything else that is done by the imagination and perception of the world. Writing is an art and even a few lines on a peace of paper can be art. Remember this " there is no fine line to genius.”

About me

I am a rarity or that is what my family tells me. I believe that darkness hides what we cant handle. God provided this darkness so we can see him. Without the darkness we would wonder from place to place blinded by light. I like to draw and write. There is alot that I like to do. I am thinking about collecting the pony dolls but I have not a clue where to start.

I like to draw dragons, ponies, and even centaurs. Don’t forget the fawn; half goat and half human. Basically I like to draw anything with an odd architecture.